None of the apps are hosted on this website, nor did we develop any of them so you would need to contact the developers directly. Links are provided to the appropriate support/help/tutorial pages for most of the apps. In the case of open source tools, there is no single owner and so you may need to post your question on the relevant forum to get help. Where possible hyperlinks have been listed.

Many of the listed apps have a free version. If you want to upgrade or there is a cost for the app, you would need to visit the website of the app developer or the app store (in the case of some of the apps). Links have been provided in the individual app pages. If you can’t see the detail of an app or the individual app page it means you are either not registered or not logged in.

If the app is an open source product, you can post your questions on the relevant community forum (where possible hyperlinks have been included in the app description page). For all other apps, links have been provided to the relevant developer/owner support pages

Some of the apps were specifically developed with South African users in mind but many of them are either international or geared towards US or UK users. If we have included them on this site it means that we think that a significant number of features can be used within South Africa but you would obviously need to determine what applies and what doesn’t. As an example, in the case of financial apps you would need to check whether the tax or bank-related features are appropriate for use in your business.


This is currently a Beta site (in other words it is still being tested and refined). An initial list of recommended apps were loaded for launch but we hope that users will submit the apps they love for possible inclusion. Every registered user is welcome to submit an app (or many apps) to the app reviewers who will consider whether they should be listed on the site. You can do that here

If you have launched an app that is aimed at South African business owners then please submit your app for consideration click here. Note that we try to feature only free or affordable apps.

There are many reasons why an app might not be accepted for publication on the site; sometimes the app might be great but unsuitable for South African businesses, perhaps it was regarded as too expensive or too complicated for the average user. Please see the comment left by the reviewer as it may be possible to edit your submission and resubmit after making minor changes.

Apps are reviewed by a panel of volunteers with relevant expertise.

Link it to the most suitable/likely category and tag and include a note in your comment with a suggested category or tag. The site administrator or app reviewer may choose to create a new category/tag. Categories are essentially business functional areas (e.g. Finance or Human Resources) and tags are specific features or disciplines (e.g. Invoicing or Recruitment).

Please read the app reviewer’s comment about the reason for rejection. In some cases it is possible to make minor changes and resubmit.


This website is an initiative of the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, which contracted Traction Consulting (Pty) Ltd to develop the platform and launch the Beta version. The manager/administrator of the site during phase two of this initiative will be determined through a formal government procurement process.

This website is an initiative of the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, which is keen to see more businesses, particularly SMMEs, benefit from technology. This platform is one component of a wider broadband strategy.

The Department, and the Western Cape Government as a whole, accept no responsibility for any incorrect information on the website and cannot be held liable for any losses incurred or problems encountered as a result of downloading or signing-up for and using any of the applications.


No, open source means that the source code is publically accessible and modifiable and although many open source apps are free, not all of them are.

No, the generic term “apps” is used to refer to software applications, web-based or cloud applications and mobile apps. The labels in the app description (Web, IOS, Android, etc) will indicate the system requirements and compatibility.

Freemium (a combination of free and premium) means that the core software or app is offered to users for free however versions with additional features or functionality are available at a price.